The British Library's event ‘Thinking Outside The Pots’ is taking place on Thursday 9 May (7.00-8.30pm). It is one of the central business-related food events in its Food Season and has been conceived to draw attention to the Library’s extensive collection of food-related patents as well as the innovators in the food sector who are bringing new products and services to market.

Panel participants include:

Juliet Barratt: Founder of Grenade, the producer of the Carb Killa confectionary bar – and one of the UK’s fastest growing companies
Hugh Duffie: Founder of Sandows, the original British cold-brew coffee
Mandy Haberman: Inventor of the Anywayup Cup, the first non-spill sippy cup
Ricky Kothari: Founder of T-Sticks, an innovative tea-drinking concept that removes the needs for strainers, tea-bags and spoons

The event will focus on the themes of innovation in food and kitchenware.

  • Identifying trends and spotting the market opportunity for new food and kitchenware sector products
  • Turning a food sector business into reality
  • The food sector as a catalyst for invention and innovation
  • How innovation in the food, drinks and kitchenware sector has changed our daily lives
  • Food and kitchenware as a reflection on changing tastes, and society more broadly
  • Forthcoming trends in the sector
  • The audience will have an opportunity to ask the panel questions at a dedicated Q&A session.

Event Moderator

The event will be moderated by Dan Saladino, a journalist, radio producer and presenter, specialising in food. is first book, which profiles endangered foods around the world, is being published in spring 2020 and won this year’s Jane Grigson Trust Award. He has been included in the Daily Telegraph’s Food Power List, and is a recipient of multiple Guild of Food Writer and Fortnum & Mason Awards. In 2016 he was given a James Beard Award for his work on The Food Programme and the BBC World Service.

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