Gone are the days when press releases were a formula of fact and despatched via newswire by corporations to a database of editors and journalists who were information gatekeepers with the power to decide whether or not something was newsworthy.  With the advent of online publishing, the online press release has enabled companies to publish press releases online not only for journalists but also for all their target stakeholders to find.

This has meant that today’s press release has morphed (digitally) into an incredibly powerful promotional opportunity that can be leveraged by businesses of every size to attract communities of interest.

A press release can generate hundreds of backlinks and get you a first page position on Google and other search engines where it can reside indefinitely.  

For your brand, you can establish dominance and attract new customers.  A published press release can result in an interview opportunity on a blog, TV or radio, on a webinar, with a magazine, newspaper or be published on a third party online news platform.

Here are a few tips to maximise your online presence:

#keyphrases.Try optimising your headline around keyphrases rather than individual keywords. Front load keyphrases for maximum impact.

#punchyheadline Keep your headline punchy:  six to eight words on a single line and consider retweets.  Leave extra space for tweeters to add a comment and include one of your main keywords for SEO in your headline.

#newsworthytopic Just like us, journalists use Google and other search engines to find their news stories, sources or expert comment.  If your news is optimised for search engines it will get in front of journalists looking for information to support their story or for an expert to quote. Make sure you focus on a newsworthy angle.

#alltheW’s  Focus on the What-Why-Where-Who-When in your press release.

#anchortext Many PR news distribution websites offer anchor text links embedded within your release to promote your keywords. Take advantage of these. Building backlinks to your website is one of the basics of SEO.

#URL Include at least one URL to your homepage in your release. If you are referencing a product, person or service, add a URL link to that particular page too.

#images Include images, clips, links to slideshows or downloadable information or where to find out more.

#contact. Don't forget to tell your audience where to find you and all all your social media links.

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