://CORPORACT has been appointed by Corporate Safeguarding (CoS), an organisation offering a complete safeguarding solution for businesses, to promote its PEMS® portfolio of services which is focused on managing risk, regulation, reputation and responsibility. 

CS logobrand mark 300x300Corporate Safeguarding is an integral part of good governance against which the performance of a company may be measured in terms of how well it applies social responsibility values to its business.  From a regulatory or corporate responsibility viewpoint, every company whose employees or business partners engage directly or indirectly with young or vulnerable people in the workplace or in their community, has a legal and moral duty of care to do all it can to protect them from harm. 

PEMS®, a complete best-practice solution delivered by a highly experienced team of experts, is designed to align safeguarding with corporate culture and values, to boost productivity, increase morale and deliver a social and safety benefit that defends value, creates value and mitigates risk generating sustainable long-term returns and better protecting them and society at large. 

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