Intellectual property enforcement and litigation are a significant part of most successful inventors’ lives. Large businesses often infringe patents because the cost of enforcement is usually prohibitive for a lone inventor or fledgling enterprise. Defending your intellectual property requires time and financial resource. It is a drain on creative energy and insurance is costly.  But with foresight, research and prior knowledge of the mechanisms that exist to protect IP, the system will work. 

://CORPORACT’s client, successful inventor Mandy Haberman is testament to this. She protected and insured her technology and then bravely set about defending her intellectual property against infringers in the courts. Her victory, secured her position in the highly competitive global infant feeding market, and this enabled her to reap the benefit of all her hard work. 

"Social change is needed to recognise and respect the rights of creators and until there is cultural change within the business community and the enforcement system is improved, the 'little guy' will continue to suffer. As an inventor, it is important to understand how intellectual property works and to do as much as you can to protect your ideas before you share information.” says Haberman.

In spite of all the litigation she has experienced, Mandy continues to encourage any would-be inventor to ‘go for it’ and make their spark fly.  Her story is an inspiration to would-be inventors and a useful source for those interested in bringing their products to market. Her journey is shared on her recently relaunched website delivered by ://CORPORACT and in this month’s issue of Breakthrough, the magazine for innovation in engineering and manufacturing.


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