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Protecting Young and Vulnerable Workers

23 Apr 2019

A due diligence process to aid safeguarding compliance, mitigate risk and raise safeguarding standards in workplace settings helps corporates manage safeguarding in a responsible, structured, proactive way, as it determines risk levels of engagements and provide a clear diagnosis of where improvements can be made. Great safeguarding creates a positive culture and results in a happier, healthier and more profitable organisation

Helping Hands Up For Grabs

12 Apr 2019

CMPP, the collaboration of social responsible businesses working together to support youth aspiration in Rushmoor, is offering the skills and the helping hands of employees, to assist charities, schools and voluntary organisations via a series of Community Action Days.

Corporate Safeguarding for Business

28 Mar 2019

://CORPORACT is delighted to be working with safeguarding professionals at Corporate Safeguarding to promote the benefits of workplace safeguarding as an integral component of good corporate governance that creates value and mitigates risk.


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