Businesses partners of the Community Matters Partnership Project (CMPP), the not-for-profit collaboration of socially responsible organisations working together to create an enabling environment in support of youth aspiration and well-being in Rushmoor, are offering the skills and helping hands of their employees free of charge to assist charities, schools and voluntary organisations in the area to refurbish their facilities, create or improve learning areas, or provide new resources to benefit young people in the community.

Organisations interested in applying for Community Action Day assistance, are invited to complete a brief online application form. CMPP will validate the application and then offer the project to its business network comprising over 30 organisations in the area.

This highly popular and inspirational corporate social responsibility initiative attracts hundreds of enthusiastic employee-volunteers every year from local businesses who provide much-needed human resources and expertise to support community-based projects. Their work may add functionality, improve aesthetics or welcome nature to learning and social environments. CMPP corporate partner volunteers have recently undertaken projects at St. Bernadette’s Primary School, creating its Rainbow Room; redeveloped the Jubilee Jungle at St. Michael’s Junior School; refurbished classrooms at Henry Tyndale School and redeveloped the Balmoral Pond. Other projects include the creation of school allotments, nature trails, classroom make-overs, creating sensory gardens, outdoor teaching areas, eco-friendly school grounds, decorating school libraries and halls, and developing new resources such as a community café, science garden, running track and educational play equipment.

Commenting on its involvement in Community Action Days Steph Gover, Team Assistant at BMW who worked with her team at St. Michael’s School, said: “We all had an incredibly enjoyable time helping out. We couldn’t believe the challenge we were faced with in the morning when we arrived, but no challenge is too big for my team. To see the transformation was very inspiring.”

Katherine Money, Headteacher at Sandringham Primary School, expressed her gratitude following the refurbishment of their pond: “This will become a welcome space to bring children for visits to study pond life and local environments. Our community links have strengthened this year thanks to the support of CMPP."

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About the Community Matters Partnership Project

://CORPORACT is proud to be the PR partner for CMPP, the not-for-profit organisation comprising a network of socially responsible companies that work together to support community-based projects. Businesses partners are invited to volunteer resources and employee time, skills, expertise and mentoring to promote youth aspiration via a range of targeted CMPP projects. These include a Business to Schools initiative, Business Challenge Days, Young Entrepreneurs and Business Ambassador Schemes. Community Action Days encourage corporate volunteers to create, refurbish, decorate, building or redevelop local facilities for the benefit of the community and a programme of fundraising activities is organised by CMPP alongside business-to-business events throughout the year, to support the growth and development of the local economy.