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The Great Press Release Revival

17 Nov 2017

Gone are the days when press releases were a formula of fact and despatched via newswire by corporations to a database of editors and journalists who were information gatekeepers and had the power to decide whether or not something was newsworthy.  The advent of online publishing and the online press release has opened up promotional opportunities for businesses.

Content Marketing

6 Jul 2017

Content marketing can be a vehicle for improved financial KPIs (average order value, conversion rate and revenue) and it can drive sales but it’s also an enabler of other business KPIs like brand engagement and satisfaction.

Having a focus on understanding customers’ product and lifestyle needs (different age categories etc.) and sculpting a content programme that matches will be an integral part of the user experience.

Responsive websites for smart users

14 Feb 2017

A quarter of all internet traffic is now from mobile devices.  More people may soon be using a smartphone to access the internet, and perform searches, than desktop users so, if your site doesn't have a mobile-friendly front-end, visitors will have difficulty navigating and viewing your site.


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