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://CORPORACT's global software partners provides and supports our open source multilingual content management system.   This web-based content management system that can be used for simple or complex websites. It can accommodate any visual template design, has tools for managing users, location, GIS and organisational information. It is powering a large number of websites worldwide.

This excellent communications solution provides a reliable, efficient, solid foundation to website creation.  It helps ://CORPORACT to deliver cost effective solutions for our clients, including after-sales support and robust hosting.  Together we will deliver and customise this platform around your requirements.

Users can change the site’s content and its entire navigational structure as required.   Its wide range of user friendly features allow you to password-protect content (to create an intranet/extranet), and include HTML, news, documents, events, image galleries and forums on your site. 

This can be done by authorised administrators. Simple cut/paste and drag/drop controls help you reorganise the structure of the site, while WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors and controls let you manage, add and delete content in a familiar way.  You can add web pages, text, images, documents, video, audio, events and other material, with little effort.

Technical and commercial support is available both online and offline, in the form of training, documentation and direct intervention.

Additional services are provided by ://CORPORACT in relation to content and optimisation assistance and post launch website promotion.


A powerful ‘toolkit’ for managing content including: 

  • Multi-language content - delivers equivalent content items in different languages from one management system and one website.
  • Template architecture - which allows  instant and complete control over the design and layout of your CMS-powered website without having to restructure your website design.
  • Multiple content types - allows you to arrange your content by content type, handling content (HTML, news, pictures, movies, video, flash content etc.).
  • WYSIWYG editing - "what you see is what you get" - real-time editing allows for entire workforces to contribute with minimal training.
  • Intuitive interfaces - built to be clever but quick, harnessing the power of AJAX. You can drag and drop shortcuts and menu items.
  • Publishing and version control - means you can draft new content before publishing; retain the previous versions and re-publish if needed.
  • Secure extranets - create a secure, password-protected site, easily across users or user groups. Clients and other stakeholders can be given personalised information.
  • Navigation and adverts - structure your website and grow it with organic and automatically generated menu trees, shortcuts and adverts.
  • Bundled Plugins - Community Plugins include the following:
    • Access Key Map
    • Bookmark Page/Email a Friend/Print Page
    • Breadcrumb trail
    • Content list
    • Contact form
    • Extranet for password protecting anything you choose
    • Footer
    • Feed reader
    • Google analytics
    • Google maps
    • Image gallery
    • Language picker
    • Publication dates
    • Search Entry box with search results
    • Site map
    • Shortcuts (for non-hierarchicial navigation)
    • Social bookmarking
    • Feeds - Twitter, Weather, News
    • Content display with WYSIWYG editor
    • YouTube embedded video


Take control - our easy to use content management facility empowers you to take direct control of your communications, without the need for technical knowledge or third party input.  Communications professionals can manage their own global online communications programmes, in more than one language, with little or no need for specialist knowledge.

24/7 information - instant access to up to date information; a good CMS works for you round the clock allowing two-way communication with your stakeholders.

Cut costs - by having your reports, or information packs and images online, saves on many of the traditional expenses associated with brochures, printing or distribution.

Save time - routine work is automated allowing you to concentrate on the management of your policies without having to worry about administration.


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21 Sep 2015

Online corporate communications company supports O2's #WearTheRose campaign for England's World Cup Rugby bid 2015.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic logo abandoned

27 Aug 2015

Tokyo 2020 Olympic organisers have dropped the logo amid allegations of plagiarism.
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