Social Media Marketing

Social media is all about online dialogue and networking with your communities of interest using a range of range of environments including blogs, forums, social networks, user-generated content, wikis and tags.

Never has it been easier for Internet users to interact with one another.  Even better, businesses can now join in and listen to what is being said about them and their brands.

So how can ://CORPORACT help define and manage your social media strategy?

iprn_girl.jpgStep 1: we will map our your requirements and take a good look at your competitors and targeted consumers or other stakeholders.

What are your needs and aspirations?  Are they related to brand, issues, rumour or relationship management?
Step 2:  entails mapping out your social media strategy.  Analysing and understanding your current brand presence and looking at how you are getting on in your communities of interest is part of this process.  This helps us with project clarification and solution definition.

Step 3: do you need a best-of-class landing site created for you?  We have the software, social media tools, unique imagery, value-added content and services at our disposal to create an engaging landing site (and in more than one language so you can reach new markets), that will get the social "buzz" going.

We will design, develop, manage content and optimise your landing site to guarantee maximum effect and attention.

Step 4: is all about content creation.  We will create and host your social media releases which will provide the opportunity to share news in way that reaches the right people with the information that matters to them.  Your content will be presented in a way that will in turn by shared with others through text, links, images, video, bookmarks or tags, while also giving them the ability interact with you directly or indirectly.

Step 5: a key challenge for companies is finding a natural way of starting conversations about their products and services and to know when (and when not) to get involved.  As part of our content seeding programme, we will identify brand relevant communities, groups, blogs and discussions and seed relevant information, creating links and back links with key influencers and managing social media optimisation to generate more interest.

Step 6: monitoring and tracking online activity, brand mentions and discussions, gathering statistics and detailing all user generated content relevant to a brand enables us to tweak and re-shape your campaign, create new PR stories and respond to negative buzz by turning opinion around.

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