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"Top marks ...! One of the best I spotted when researching ... It's good to see a firm dedicated to this niche. " Director of Innovation, eConsultancy.

hpl.pngIf you have an online public relations requirement, then a ://CORPORACT media centres should be top of your list.  They provide a single, co-ordinated communications capability that can deliver timely, relevant and opt-in, targeted news to a diverse media audience, with minimal disruption and duplication of task and process.

They streamline your communications with the media, and bring all the common functions of a traditional press office - news releases, images, downloads, corporate information, RSS feeds, web logs, video clips, podcasts, webcasts, optimisation, social media, interactivity and more - to your website.

These news environments have been designed with both journalists and businesses in mind. They are easily managed without the need of technical knowledge, allowing you to take direct control of your online communications requirements, saving you time and money and providing journalists with the information they need.

Designed as a customisable, modular component, our online media centre product can be scaled, integrated and adjusted to meet the bespoke needs and budgets of any company.

These best of class media centres will integrate with your existing website’s design, matching its look and feel, providing up-to-the minute news and information and tracking capability.


Building an Online Media Centre.

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