Public Relations

Promoting the passion you have for your brand to the world outside to:

  • Maximise favourable mentions of your company, brand or products
  • Extend the reach and awareness of our client's brands effectively across all forms of media
  • Create a dialogue with stakeholders
  • Monitor and manage reputation

Understanding your target market and where they hang out online is all part of our service.  Certain platforms will be spot on for your brand and others won't.  The outreach for our campaigns is both direct and indirect and may employ the use of keywords and hashtags, backlinks or email.

But, at the heart of both traditional and online PR is story-telling and that's what we are really good at.

Our campaigns drive image, stakeholder relationships and reputation fusing a combination of innovative technology based tools and services. 

Typical implementations and strategies include but are not limited to:

  • Campaign creation and implementation
  • Bespoke microsites and multi-language online media centres
  • News delivery, content seeding, syndication and postings
  • Media relations
  • Creating an online buzz using blogger outreach strategies, images, video, animated messages and viral marketing
  • Using PR to achieve search traffic and maximising reach
  • One-to-one Interactivity
  • Management of strategies and content creation for weblogs | microblogs | business and personal blogs | wikis.
  • Reputation management and online monitoring.
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