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Marketing magazine has published its top 10 marketing mishaps of 2011 

://CORPORACT's  favourite is Littlewoods attempt to rewrite Christmas and its new twist on the nativity play.  Whoops....

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Will Facebook 'Buy Now' button impact eCommerce world?

21 Aug 2014

Facebook has announced it is testing a new feature/ad unit that allows a consumer to buy directly from a retailer and not have to leave Facebook.

The Right to Privacy in a Digital Age

21 Jul 2014

Too many governments are rubber stamping surveillance programmes according to the United Nations

:// Snatches

Top 10 favourite Web Words and phrases

4 Aug 2014

://CORPORACTS's 10 favourite web words, acronyms and phrases that could become commonplace.

Locks of Love

9 Jun 2014

The love locks on the famous Pont Des Arts bridge in Paris have helped bring down part of the parapet.
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