The Independent's undercover investigation has ruffled a few feathers (or should that be chimed a few bells?) within PR circles with the PRCA planning an investigation.

It isn't really a surprise to learn that lobbyist involved in political circles are masters at bragging but to be caught out at their own game is really rather entertaining.

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Remember World Alzheimer's Month

1 Sep 2015

Pop over to World Alzheimer’s Month for more information on how to recognise the signs of dementia and support this important global initiative.

Tribal systems announces updates to its Zenario ProBusiness CMS

1 Aug 2015

Tribal Systems UK has announced updates to its multi-language content management system, Zenario 7.0.4 ProBusiness.

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Tokyo 2020 Olympic logo abandoned

27 Aug 2015

Tokyo 2020 Olympic organisers have dropped the logo amid allegations of plagiarism.

'No buttocks or nipples,' says Facebook

17 Mar 2015

Facebook has updated its guidelines on banned content and is now more specific on nudity.
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